Media Gateway Control Protocol

Протокол MGCP

Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) - это протокол используемый в VoIP системах. MGCP описывается информационным документом IETF - RFC 3435, более ранней версией которого является RFC 2705 и полностью заменяет собой Simple Gateway Control Protocol (SGCP).

MGCP is an internal protocol used within a distributed system that can appear to the outside world as a single VoIP gateway.

This system is composed of a Call Agent, at least one "media gateway" (MG) that performs the conversion of media signals between circuits and packets, and at least one "signaling gateway" (SG) when connected to the PSTN.

The "approved" IETF protocol for the same purpose, although not as widely implemented (as of 2004 Q3) as MGCP, is Megaco, defined in RFC 3015.

MGCP is a client-server protocol, used by telephony providers in order to have more control over subscribers, contrary to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) or H.323 that are peer-to-peer protocols. However, MGCP and SIP can be combined in some cases.

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